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Core Indicators Resources

For a list of identified issues with existing resources please refer to the Identified Indicator/Resource Issues page.

Data Sources
Cancer Data and Analysis Resources
Syntax Files

ResourceKnown Issue1Last Date Revised2Status3
References (Word Doc) April 25, 2008 
Data Sources   
Beach Sampling Data April 11, 2006 Needs Update
Boil Water Advisory and Drinking Water Advisory Data April 24, 2006Needs Update
BORN Information System (BIS) June 16, 2014Updated
Canadian Community Health Survey (CCHS) April 15, 2011 
Canadian Community Health Survey (CCHS) Cycle 1.2 Mental
Health and Well-Being
 May 10, 2006  
Canadian Congenital Anomalies Surveillance System (CCASS) January 4, 2013 
Cancer Incidence Data December 1, 2009 
Census of Canada and the National Household Survey October 31, 2012Under Revision
Dental Health Data May 17, 2006Needs Update
Digital Assessment Parcel Fabric July 4, 2012Under Development
HELPS Data Source 

January 16, 2013

Hospitalization Data September 20, 2012


Immunization Records Information System (IRIS) March 16, 2009 
Integrated Public Health Information System (iPHIS) Feb 18, 2011  
Integrated Services for Children Information System (ISCIS) 

January 16, 2013

Medical ServicesYesMay 8, 2008 Needs Update
Ministry of Transportation Collision Database June 7, 2006 Needs Update
Ministry of the Environment Air Quality Report in Ontario April 4, 2006 Needs Update
Municipal Water Supply Plants Data April 4, 2006 Needs Update
National Ambulatory Care Reporting System (NACRS) July 19, 2012Needs Update
National Longitudinal Survey of Children and Youth (NLSCY) January 7, 2003 
Ontario Breast Cancer Screening (OBSP) Data December 1, 2009  
Ontario Health Survey (OHS) - 1996/97 OHS, 1990 OHS June 7, 2006  
Ontario Roads Data October 31, 2012Under Development
Ontario Student Drug Use and Health Survey (OSDUHS) October 1, 2012Under Development
Ontario Trauma Registry November 5, 2012New
Population Estimates August 2010 
Population Projections August 2010 
Rapid Risk Factor Surveillance System (RRFSS) June 26, 2009 
Therapeutic Abortion Data January 16, 2013 
Vital Statistics Live Birth Data January 16, 2013 
Vital Statistics Mortality DataYesOctober 31, 2012Under Revision
Vital Statistics Stillbirth DataYesJanuary 16, 2013 
Alignment of APHEO Core Indicators with the Ontario Public Health Standards June 27, 2012New
Canadian and Ontario Case Definitions (for Infectious Diseases)
Comparison Table
( username and password required)
 No date 
Case Definition Comparison Document ( username and password required). No date 
Data Citation Notes January 6, 2003 
Data Gaps in Public Health Indicators in Ontario May 18, 2006Under Revision
Gaps in Public Health Indicators and Data in Ontario  September 11, 2012New
Geographic Sampling in the Canadian Community Health Surveys No dateNeeds Update
Geographic Sampling in the Ontario Health Surveys No date 
Geography in Ontario June 7, 2006 
ICD-10 and ICD-10-CA May 31, 2006  
Objectives and Indicators for the Mandatory Health
Programs and Services Guidelines
(Word Doc)
 May 31, 2006  
Optional Content in the CCHS: Who Chose What? September 24, 2010 
Recommended ICD-10-CA Codes for Injury Core Indicators November 15, 2012Under Development
Reproductive Health Core Indicators Documentation Report June 26, 2012Under Development
Retired Core Indicators January 27, 2012New
Standard Population: 1991 Adjusted Canadian Population January 06, 2003 
Standardization of Rates July 2, 2009 
The Built Environment Resources No dateNew
Timeline of Changes in Live Birth Registration in Ontario (PDF) February 8, 2012New
Cancer Data and Analysis Resources   
Introduction to SEER*Stat Frequencies (PDF) February, 2011 
Trend Analysis using SEER*Stat and Joinpoint (PDF) February, 2011 
Merged Variables and SEER*Stat Rates (PDF) February, 2011 
The Ontario Cancer Registry and its Data Quality (PDF) February, 2011 

Life Table Worksheets

 April 7, 2006Needs Update
Methods for Age Standardizing Survey Estimates January 6, 2003Needs Update
Methods for Calculating Moving Averages January 6, 2003Needs Update
Methods for Calculating Potential Years of Life Lost (PYLL [75]) June 1, 2006  Needs Update
Standardization of Rates - Member page last post July 31, 2009  
Population Pyramid Template v2 April 1, 2011New
Syntax Files   
SGA-LGA Syntax File - SPSS June 2014 Updated
Food Insecurity Status CCHS 2005 (cycle 3.1) - SPSS February 2009 
CCHS 2003 BMI Recode - SPSS June 2009 
CCHS 2000-01 BMI Recode - SPSS June 2009 
CCHS Low Risk Drinking Variable - SPSSYesNo dateNeeds Update
Recommended ICD-10 groupings for injury Core Indicators - Stata July 24, 2013 New
Drinking in excess of the low-risk alcohol drinking guidelines - Stata October 2, 2013New
Drinking in excess of the low-risk alcohol drinking guidelines - SPSS October 2, 2013New
Potentially Avoidable Mortality - SAS June 26, 2014New 
Potentially Avoidable Mortality - SPSS November 14, 2014New
Potentially Avoidable Mortality - STATA February 9, 2015New

1. "Known Issues" are issues with the indicators or resources that have been raised by or brought forward to the Core Indicators Work Group but have not yet been addressed by the group. They are documented in more detail on the Identified Indicator/Resource Issues page. There is a link to this page included under this column for every indicator with an identified issue.
2. "Last Date Revised" refers to the last date that the resource underwent a complete review. Minor changes may have ocurred since this date and will be captured in the "Changes Made" section of each resource along with a description of the changes made during any complete review.
3. "Under Revision" refers to any resource which is currently undergoing a complete review either by the Core Indicators Work Group or by one of the current subgroups. Go to the CI Work Group and Sub-group Info page for more information on these groups. "Under Development" refers to a new resource that is being developed and has not yet been finalized. "Needs Update" refers to resources which at minimum require updating to reflect the Ontario Public Health Standards (OPHS) and Protocols rather than the Mandatory Health Programs and Services Guidelines (MHPSG) and/or change of source, for example to reflect the switch from the Provincial Health Planning Database (PHPDB) to IntelliHEALTH Resources with other known issues documented are also marked as "Needs Update".

Last Date Updated: June 2014

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