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10 Data Citation Notes
  • In general, citations include the database name, distributor, and release or extraction date. Additional information such as the original source of the data may also be part of the citation. The citation is specific to the distribution source. Including all of this information allows others who may be replicating your results to determine exactly what data were used.
  • Square brackets indicate information you need to fill in.
  • It may not be necessary for the citation to specify the years used in the analysis if this information is clearly included in the report, table or graph. In that case, [years] is optional.
  • Extraction or release date is not necessary once a data file has been finalized, for example CCHS, RRFSS.
  • Abbreviations are used for various databases such as RRFSS and RDIS with the understanding that database is more fully described elsewhere in the report. If this is not the case, include the full name of the database in the citation.
  • Similarly, the public health unit is not listed for the database because it is assumed that this is specified elsewhere in the report. This approach avoids the necessity to list all public health units in the case where data from multiple public health units are being used. If the public health unit name is not specified elsewhere, include it as part of the citation.
  • If data are obtained from a Health Intelligence Unit (HIU), cite the source that the HIU used as specified for that data and also the name of the HIU, e.g., “Ontario Mortality Data [years], Provincial Health Planning Database (PHPDB) Extracted: [date], Health Planning Branch, Ontario MOHLTC, obtained from CEHIP”. It is not necessary to report the format of the data, e.g., data cubes, Excel spreadsheet.
  • If the data are obtained from a specific report, such as the Ontario Road Safety Annual Report, cite the report using standard style requirements. Examples of correct forms of references can be found from CJPH Style Requirements:
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