Provincial Health Indicators Work Group

(Revised June 16, 1998)


Monday, May 25, 1998
10:00 am - 3:00 pm
North York Civic Centre
Committee Room #1

Present: Mary-Anne Pietrusiak, Durham Regional Health Unit (Chair)
                Terry Delmore, Halton Regional Health Department
                Julie Stratton, Perth District Health Unit
                Hyewon Lee-Han, Population Health Service, Public Health Branch
                Ian Johnson, Toronto Public Health, North York Office
                Jessie Wong, IPE Branch, Ministry of Health
                Carol Paul, IPE Branch, Ministry of Health
                Nam Bains, Health Information Partnership, Eastern Ontario Region
                Jo-Anne Peterson, Kingston, Frontenac and Lennox and Addington Health Unit

Others:   Anna Goral, Toronto Public Health, North York Office (recorder)
                Jill Mallon, Toronto Public Health, North York Office (recorder)
                Kinga David, MHSc Student, North York Office
                Karen Lee, Community Medicine Resident, North York Office

Corresponding Member: Dr. Vivek Goel, ICES

Regrets: Patrick Seliske, Waterloo Regional Community Health Department
                Ruth Sanderson, Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound Health Unit
                Vic Sahai, Northern Health Information Partnership
                Doug Manuel, Federal Field Epidemiologist

1.0 Introduction

2.0 Provincial Health Status Advisory Committee Meeting Update

(May 22, 1998) - see minutes

Ian updated the group on the major decisions from this meeting.

OHS - 1996 (Ian)

Four focused reports:

1. Physical Activity -includes B.M.I
2. Nutrition (later dropped because of lack of data)
3. Tobacco
4. Alcohol

Issues: definition of a Francophone, timing

3.0 Indicator Framework Discussion

The group discussed which indicators should be included as a part of the core set of indicators. More in-depth discussions occurred than at the last meeting, including limitations and definitions of the indicators. The group moved backwards through the framework.

3.1 Section 11- Health of Selected Populations (Julie Stratton)

Seniors - will be moved to Family Health section

Indicators to be used:

(Stats Can- may need special request for age 75+ cohort)

(Data may not be available for all areas - Stats Can may need special request)

(access to dental care can be added to Consequences of Health Problems section)

3.2 Section 10 -Consequences of Health Problems (Nam Bains)

Section name needs to be changed - the suggestion was made to rename the Section, Health Care Utilization or Disability and Utilization of Health Care Services

See handout Nam distributed during meeting:

3.3 Section 9 - Infectious Diseases (Ian Johnson)

See handout Ian distributed during meeting. As the group moved through this section, it was evident that some of the Mandatory Program indicators were problematic because of lack of data or definition problems. It was decided that these indicators would be grouped and discussed in one section so that comments could be directed towards the Ministry.


Vaccine Preventable Diseases


This indicator needs more work.



Clarification needed on definition of secondary drug-resistant

Enteric Illness and Food Safety


Control of Infectious Diseases/Infection Control - delete section

Emerging Infections

3.4 Section 8 - Mental Health (Jessie Wong)

3.5 Section 7b - Reproductive Health (Mary-Anne Pietrusiak)

Next Meeting
June 19, 1998
10:00 am - 3:00 pm
North York Civic Centre
Committee Room # 1