Provincial Health Indicators Work Group



Monday, May 11, 1998
10:00 am - 4:30 pm
Committee Room #2, North York Civic Centre

Present: Mary-Anne Pietrusiak, Durham Regional Health Unit (Chair)
                Patrick Seliske, Waterloo Region Community Health Department
                Hyewon Lee-Han, Population Health Service, Public Health Branch
                Vic Sahai, Northern Health Information Partnership
                Jessie Wong, IPE Branch, Ministry of Health
                Carol Paul, IPE Branch, Ministry of Health
                Ruth Sanderson, Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound Health Unit
                Jo-Anne Peterson, Kingston, Frontenac and Lennox and Addington Health Unit
                Nam Bains, Health Information Partnership, Eastern Ontario Region
                Terry Delmore, Halton Regional Health Department
                Julie Stratton, Perth District Health Unit (recorder)
                Ian Johnson, Toronto Public Health, North York Office

Corresponding Member: Vivek Goel, ICES

Regrets: Doug Manuel, Federal Field Epidemiologist
Others:   Kinga David, MHSc Student, North York Office
                Karen Lee, Community Medicine Resident, North York Office
                Darshara Daflany, MHSc Student, Durham Regional Health Unit

1.0 Introductions

2.0 Provincial Health Status Report Update (Ian Johnson and Hyewon Lee-Han)

Ian and Hyewon updated the group on the Provincial Health Status Report.
The Provincial Health Status Report has been approved and there are five deliverables:

The PHREDs will be giving some time to assist with the data analysis for the report.

An advisory committee for the Provincial Health Status Report has also been struck and will be meeting over the next few weeks.

3.0 Ministry of Health, Health Indicators Project (Carol Paul)

The Ministry of Health is devising some indicators and targets to be used as outcome measures as part of their business plan. Some of what we are doing with PHIWG can feed back into this Ministry project.

4.0 Structure of Indicators

The group discussed the framework of the indicators using the Central East Collaboration Project as an example. The group felt there were two main issues concerning the structure of the indicators:

Some suggestions for what a Achart page@ should include are listed below:

5.0 Framework of the Provincial Health Status Report

The framework of the Provincial Health Status Report was distributed previously through e-mail to all members of the group. No comments about the framework were made at this time.

6.0 Moving through the Indicator Framework

The group discussed which indicators should be included as part of the core set of indicators. There was not a lot of discussion about limitations or definitions at this meeting. Each member led the discussion for their section of the framework.

6.1 3 Population (Julie Stratton)

There were several general issues discussed regarding population indicators:


The indicators identified as being part of a core set are as follows:

6.2 4a Social Environment and Health (Hyewon Lee-Han)

6.3 4b Physical Environment and Health (Vic Sahai)

6.4 5a Leading Causes of Deaths and Premature Mortality (Patrick Seliske)

6.4 5b Leading Causes of Hospitalizations (Patrick Seliske)

6.4 5c Leading Causes of Health Problems (Jo-Anne Peterson)

6.5 6a Chronic Diseases (Jo-Anne Peterson)

6.6 6b Injury Prevention including Substance Abuse Prevention (Terry Delmore)

6.7 6c Behaviour and Health (Jessie Wong)

6.8 7a Family Health: Sexual Health (Ruth Sanderson)

6.9 7b Family Health: Reproductive Health (Mary-Anne Pietrusiak)

6.8 7c Family Health: Child Health (Ruth Sanderson)

6.9 8 Mental Health (Jessie Wong)

6.10 9 Infectious Diseases (Ian Johnson)

6.11 10 Consequences of Health Problems (Nam Bains)

6.12 11 Health of Selected Populations (Julie Stratton)

a) Seniors

b) Multicultural Populations

c) Francophone Population

d) Urban/Rural/Northern Populations

Members of the workgroup were asked to draft descriptions of: definitions, significance/use, limitations and source of the indicators for the next meeting.

7.0 Next Meeting

May 25th, 1998, 10:00 am - 3:00 pm
North York Civic Centre
Committee Room #1