Provincial Health Indicators Work Group


Monday, June 19, 1998
10:00 AM - 3:00 PM
North York Civic Centre
Committee Room #2

Present: Mary-Anne Pietrusiak, Durham Regional Health Unit (Chair)
                Terry Delmore, Halton Regional Health Department
                Julie Stratton, Perth District Health Unit
                Hyewon Lee-Han, Population Health Service, Public Health Branch
                Ian Johnson, Toronto Public Health, North York Office
                Jessie Wong, IPE Branch, Ministry of Health
                Carol Paul, IPE Branch, Ministry of Health
                Jo-Anne Peterson, Kingston, Frontenac and Lennox and Addington Health Unit
                Ruth Sanderson, Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound Health Unit

Others:   Anna Goral, Toronto Public Health, North York Office (recorder)
                Jill Mallon, Toronto Public Health, North York Office (recorder)

Corresponding Member: Dr. Vivek Goel, ICES

Regrets: Patrick Seliske, Waterloo Regional Community Health Department
                Vic Sahai, Northern Health Information Partnership
                Doug Manuel, Federal Field Epidemiologist
                Nam Bains, Health Information Partnership Eastern Ontario Region

1.0 Introduction

2.0 Provincial Health Status Report Update

2.1 Provincial Health Status Report Working Group

The working group met on June 16, 1998. Ian gave an update on the progress of the PHS report . The working group will be carrying out their analyses by data source. Ian discussed the issues that surround the use of each database:

Vital statistics: The group will be using the data from HELPS since it is equivalent to that in the data warehouse and is already in SPSS/PC format (1981-1994/95). There are some problems with the abortion files only paper copies are available for some years.

CIHI: Ian and Hyewon met with Vivek Goel, and he has offered to help with the CIHI analysis. Don DeBoer, also from ICES, has pledged his support to the working group.

OHS: The Ontario sharing file has arrived at IPE Branch with over 37,000 records. However, there is no documentation nor variable labels.

IRIS/RDIS: Ian and Anna are investigating RDIS database. Ian has set up a meeting with Monika Naus from Public Health Branch for early July. Record layouts for download are being developed at the North York office and it is hoped that these data will arrive in July.

Census: The data are available and analysis can start shortly. The working group will be using the Census 96 files provided by Carol Paul.

2.2 Issues

Provincial comparisons: The working group will be comparing with all of Canada rather than the Rest of Canada since the latter would require additional analysis.

PHSR May Overtake PHIWG: The PHSR Working Group is moving along much faster than the PHIWG. To deal with practical issues that may come up as a result of data analysis, Ian may ask for input from the PHIWG. If an issue comes up, Ian will send out an e-mail to PHIWG members stating the issue and recommendations. The group is asked to respond with a

3.0 Provincial Health Status Framework (Hyewon Lee-Han)

(See handout distributed by Hyewon during the meeting)

The framework was reviewed from section 7 to section 15 in order to clarify which indicators had been agreed upon in the previous PHIWG meeting. Throughout the rest of the meeting, the group revised the framework as new indicators were selected.

4.0 Moving through the Indicators

The group continued their discussion on which indicators should be included as the core set. The limitations and definitions of indicators for Reproductive Health, Injury Prevention and Chronic Disease were discussed.

4.1 Reproductive Health (Mary-Anne Pietrusiak)

(See handout distributed by Mary-Anne during the meeting)

The final list of indicators for Reproductive Health section includes:

4.2 Injury Prevention (Terry Delmore)

(See handout distributed by Terry)

Terry will further investigate the following:

Proportion of the population wearing seat belts will not be included as an indicator because the only data available is ad hoc observational studies from the Ministry of Transportation. Not all areas would have data.

7.0 Chronic Diseases (Jo-Anne)

(See handout distributed by Jo-Anne)

Next meetings:
July 7, 1998
10:00 AM - 3:00 PM
North York Civic Centre
Committee Room #4

July 16, 1998
10:00 AM - 3:00 PM
North York Civic Centre
Committee Room #1