Provincial Health Indicators Work Group



Thursday, July 16, 1998
10:00 am - 3:00 p.m.
North York Civic Centre
Committee Room #1

Present:  Mary-Anne Pietrusiak, Durham Regional Health Unit (Chair)
                Patrick Seliske, Waterloo Regional Community Health Department
                Vic Sahai, Northern Health Information Partnership
                Ruth Sanderson, Sudbury and District Health Unit
                Hyewon Lee-Han, Population Health Service, Public Health Branch
                Ian Johnson, Toronto Public Health, North York Office
                Jessie Wong, IPE Branch, Ministry of Health
                Nam Bains, Health Information Partnership, Eastern Ontario Region

Others:  Anna Goral, Toronto Public Health, North York Office
                Jill Mallon, Toronto Public Health, North York Office

Corresponding Member: Dr. Vivek Goel, ICES

Regrets: Julie Stratton, Perth District Health Unit
                Terry Delmore, Halton Regional Health Department
                Carol Paul, IPE Branch, Ministry of Health
                Jo-Anne Peterson, Kingston, Frontenac- Lennox and Addington Health Unit
                Doug Manuel, Federal Field Epidemiologist, Ministry of Health

1.0 Introduction

2.0 Provincial Health Status Report Update

The working group is progressing steadily. Most databases are ready to be sent out for analysis. However, OHS 96 is problematic. The Ministry of Health has received the file, but has not received sufficient documentation from Stats Canada to release the data.

3.0 Moving through the Framework

The group continued their discussion on which indicators should be included as a core set of indicators. In-depth discussions, including limitations and definitions of the indicators for Physical Environment and Health, Social Environment and Health, Sexual Health, Child Health, and Injury.

4.0 Environment and Health

(see handout distributed by Vic Sahai)

Discussion centered around the operational definition of this indicator. The group suggested looking at the maximum daily UV readings in terms of the number of hours of sun exposure over certain level per month.
* Ian to call Environment Canada on index values

* Vic will review which key health parameters the group will use. There are approximately 180 parameters measured in drinking water

Future Indicators the group suggested additional indicators that might be useful once consistent data are available:
- Green Space
- Motor Vehicle Ratio
- Bicycle Pathways

5.0 Social Environment and Health

(See handout distributed by Hyewon Lee-Han)

6.0 Sexual Health

(See handout distributed by Ruth Sanderson)

- sexually active to be replaced with definition consistent with skip patterns in OHS 96.

- sexually active to be replaced with definition consistent with skip patterns in OHS 96.

The group suggested that we look at the global picture of sexual health including prevalence of STDs (listed in OHS 96), but self-reporting may not provide accurate information due to bias. RDIS is more accurate in terms of incidence data but does not include demographic information and risk factors. General snapshot of STD prevalence could be beneficial not only to health units but other health agencies.

Before we can use OHS data, we need to check the completeness of responses. If they are satisfactory, we can recommend OHS data in estimating the STD prevalence. If more detailed information is needed, RDIS can be used. At this point, the information will not be part of the core indicators except incidence data through RDIS.

7.0 Child Health

(See Handout distributed by Ruth Sanderson)

Title will be changed from Child Health toChild and Adolescent Health

The group decided to use the following age categories:
-less than 1 (infant)
-1 to 4, 5 to 9 (child)
-10-14, 15-19 (adolescent)

8.0 Injury Prevention

(see handout sent by Terry Delmore)

E-Codes to be included:

External causes of injuries (E800 - E999)
Motor vehicle traffic crashes (E810 - E819)
Motor vehicle pedestrian injuries (E814)
Non traffic accident involving motor-driven snow vehicle (E820)
Non traffic accident involving off-road motor vehicle (E821)
Cycling injuries and deaths (E810 - E825 (selecting those with .6)), + E826*
Drownings (E830+ E832, E910)
Falls (E880 - E888)
Choking (E911 - E915)
Self- inflicted injury (E950 - E959) - to be included in mental health section
Homicide and Injury purposely inflicted by other persons (E960-E969)

* Needs to be investigated further by Terry

9.0 Other Issues (Mary-Anne Pietrusiak)

10.0 Review of indicator format (for Submission)

The general format for the indicator listings was decided. The group will use the layout from the sample indicators created by Mary-Anne with a minor change under the specification section: include the indicator type, and how it relates to the Mandatory Programs.

The final document should include a clear statement of copyright, i.e., where some of the information was obtained. We will welcome people to use and copy the report but to acknowledge the source. The groups should also decide on a way to index the references for the indicator list.

August 17, 1998 is the deadline for submitting indicators in this new format to Mary-Anne.

Next Meeting:
Tuesday, September 8, 1998
10:00 am - 3:00 p.m.
North York Civic Centre
Committee Room # 1