Provincial Health Indicators Work Group



Tuesday, February 10, 1998
9:15 AM -11:00 AM
G2 Board Room, Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences

Present:  Raili Cardinal, Algoma Health Unit (on speaker phone)
                Terry Delmore, Halton Regional Health Department
                Vivek Goel, Institute of Clinical Evaluative Sciences
                Hyewon Lee-Han, City of Toronto Health Unit, North York Division
                Mary-Anne Pietrusiak, Durham Region Health Department (chair)
                Ruth Sanderson, Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound Health Unit
                Patrick Seliske, Waterloo Region Community Health Department
                Julie Stratton, Perth District Health Unit (recorder)

Regrets:    Ian Johnson, City of Toronto Health Unit, North York Division

1.0 Introductions

2.0 Purpose of the Group

2.1 Share Perspectives

Members of the group described what they would like to achieve in this group:

2.2 Draft Terms of Reference

A draft of the terms of reference will be postponed until the next meeting when all stakeholders are represented.

2.3 Name

The name chosen for the group was Provincial Health Status Report Work Group.

Note: The name was later changed to the Provincial Health Indicators Work Group.

3.0 Other People to Include

Other people/agencies to include are the Health Intelligence Units, representatives from the Ministry of Health, and PHReD representatives. Vivek Goel will talk to the HIU directors and Brent Moloughney of the Ministry of Health to see if they want to be involved in this process. Mary-Anne Pietrusiak will contact Pat Stuckless about the Data Warehouse issues.

4.0 Work Plan

It was decided that focusing on a core set of indicators from the Mandatory Program Guidelines would be the most useful. Ruth Sanderson will pull together a list of indicators from the Mandatory Program Guidelines. Hyewon Lee-Han will distribute indicators from the CHS Collaboration project. Mary-Anne Pietrusiak will inquire whether a file layout is available from the 1996/97 NPHS.

5.0 Next Steps

Review the list of Mandatory Program Guidelines indicators and start to make some decisions about standards.

Mary-Anne Pietrusiak will continue to be the Chair.

6.0 Next Meeting

The next meeting will be on March 27th from 10:00-3:00 at North York Civic Centre, Committee Room #1, North York Office (lower level).